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Senior Housing Assistance

Westchester Residential Opportunities (WRO) offers a comprehensive housing counseling program to residents of Westchester County who are age sixty (60) and over. WRO’s Senior Housing Program provides counseling services on a one-to-one basis in either English or Spanish. The goal of each counseling session is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the clients’ needs in order to attempt to address issues or obstacles related to either acquiring or keeping housing. 

All services are by appointment.

WRO’s services are comprised of the following program areas:

The Senior Housing Assistance Program
One of the main functions of WRO’s Senior Housing Program is to guide Westchester seniors through the process of finding subsidized rental apartments. Through cooperating programs, WRO can sometimes assist seniors who experience other difficulties related to securing or keeping housing such as rent arrears, moving expenses, security deposit shortfalls, or termination of utility services. WRO’s counselors can provide seniors with information about accessing other types of housing assistance such as acquiring a Section 8 Voucher, applying for the New York State Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption Program (SCRIE), and options for accessing information on senior facilities for independent and assisted living throughout Westchester County. The Senior Housing Program also assists  seniors in identifying and applying for other legal entitlements for which they may be eligible, but might not be claiming,  such as the SNAP Program (that is, food stamps), the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), the Veterans Aid and Attendance Program for Home Care, and many other federal, state, and local benefits.Please click on the links below to find listings of senior subsidized rental housing and independent and assisted living buildings in Westchester County:

Click here for our Senior Citizens' Apartment List

Click here for a list of buildings in Westchester that offer Independent and Assisted Living

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Project Share
The waiting lists for subsidized senior rental housing in Westchester County can be long, and other options for senior housing can be prohibitively expensive for some seniors.  WRO’s Project Share matches up senior homeowners in Westchester County who are age sixty (60) and above, with housing seekers who may be looking for a more affordable housing alternative than a stand-alone apartment rental.  Housing can be the largest monthly expenditure for seniors, and such a large expenditure each month can be particularly burdensome for low-income seniors.  A shared housing alternative could help to alleviate housing costs for the home seeker and potential home provider in a number of ways such as:
 • Increasing independence for the home provider through a service exchange with the home seeker, such as sharing household chores and/or grocery shopping for example.
 • Increasing security, providing companionship and health benefits for both parties.
 • Supplementing income for senior homeowners through monthly payments provided by housing seekers.
• Affording housing seekers an alternative, more affordable housing opportunity than the traditional rental market.

WRO’s Project Share was featured in The New York Times; please click the link below to read the article and to view the short film about two of Project Share’s clients.  "My House Our Home"

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Reverse Mortgage (also known as Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or HECM) Counseling Program

WRO’s HUD approved HECM Counselors provide counseling for homeowners age 62 or older who may benefit from a Reverse Mortgage (referred to hereafter as a HECM). A HECM allows homeowners to borrow against the accumulated equity in their homes. For seniors who are struggling to live on a fixed income, pay for home improvements, pay for home care, or to pay property taxes, a HECM loan may be worth looking into.  A WRO counselor can:
• Provide objective education on the HECM products currently available and other areas to consider such as current housing situation, property maintenance and the possible need for future supportive services.
• Describe the process of obtaining a HECM.
• Determine eligibility for a HECM product.
• Provide a list of HECM lenders.

For more information on HECMs, please click on the links below to go to The National Council on Aging's educational booklet about HECMs titled, "Using Your Home to Stay at Home." Available in both English and Spanish versions.

Link to English version

Link to Spanish version

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Property Tax Foreclosure Counseling
Although there are government programs that help with mortgage default, they don’t assist homeowners in property tax default. WRO is the only housing agency in Westchester that conducts property tax foreclosure counseling. Seniors are more likely to fall into property tax foreclosure than younger homeowners for a variety of reasons, including loss of a spouse, incapacity, or declining income. Many seniors who are behind on taxes don’t realize they could lose their home and all of their equity to property tax foreclosure. WRO offers free property tax foreclosure counseling to seniors, helping senior homeowners negotiate with their local municipalities to remain in their homes and to retain their equity whenever possible. If through counseling, it is determined that the house may no longer be affordable for the homeowner, WRO can guide the senior through the process of selling the home and transitioning into rental housing. Additionally, WRO works with seniors to identify tax exemptions such as Enhanced STAR and the Veteran’s Exemption that they may be eligible for but are not claiming.  For more information on WRO’s Property Tax Foreclosure Counseling Program, please watch the public service announcement below.

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