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Home Buying Educational Workshops

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HUD-Approved Homebuying Educational Program

A $100 nonrefundable enrollment fee is required (per household) to attend one of our educational cycles. We also have Homebuying Manuals available for purchase for $20. Participants are required to attend a Homebuying Orientation Workshop and have a One on One Counseling Session with a WRO Counselor prior to enrollment. Existing clients in need of an updated certificate? Please contact your counselor to RSVP for our upcoming cycle.

*New to WRO? Interested in enrolling? Click here to register for one of our orientations.

Below is a list of topics that are covered as part of our HUD-Approved Education Program. The cycles are typically offered three to four times a year and are offered as three evenings sessions or two Saturday sessions. Our next cycle will be offered in Spring 2019.

Credit & BudgetingTools to help you evaluate your spending habits and teach you how to overcome credit obstacles so that you can obtain & maintain "mortgage ready finances"Homeownership Counselor
Obtaining A MortgageUnderstand the "C's of Credit" and what role it plays in getting you approved for a mortgage. Also, get an explanation of loan documents.Loan Officer
The Role of the Real Estate AgentFind out when it's time to hire a real estate agent, what they're obligated to do for you and develop a realistic wants vs. needs list!Real Estate Agent
Next StepsAn explanation of the grants available and the application process.Homeownership Counselor
Getting To The ClosingHave you ever wondered if it's really necessary to hire an attorney? Find out why we recommend that you do!Attorney
The Home InspectionDo you know the difference between a home inspection and an appraisal? Do you need to hire a home inspector when you are purchasing a co-op? This presentation will address both questions.Home Inspector
Homeowners InsuranceGet a clear understanding of when you need to get homeowners insurance, how to review your policy and how and when to file a claim.Insurance Agent
The attorneys, inspectors, real estate agents, appraisers and loan officers volunteer their time. WRO is not endorsing their services.
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For more information and eligibility please contact
Cecilia Alcantara: (914) 428-4507 Ext. 338


Cindy Gago: (914) 428-4507 Ext. 311


Certificates issued fulfill the education requirements for the following: HUD First Time Homebuying Education; First Home Club Grant; CHI Grants, SONYMA; Homeownership Choice Voucher & Affordable Housing