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WRO promotes equal, affordable & accessible housing
opportunities for all residents in our region.
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First-Time Home Buying

WRO’s home ownership counseling can prepare you to buy a home.

WRO is a HUD-approved housing counseling agency offering education to potential home buyers. WRO’s First-Time Home Buying Program is designed to assist potential buyers in reviewing their household’s overall financial situation and preparing for homeownership.



WRO’s First-Time Home Buyers Program at a Glance


Home Buying Orientation Workshop

(120-minute session)
This workshop includes an overview of the home buying process and information about how income, savings, and debt affect your ability to purchase a home. We will discuss housing options, including 1 to 4 family houses, condos, and co-ops. We also talk about grants, closing cost assistance, and various mortgage products available to first-time home buyers.
For the orientation workshop schedule and the registration form, click here.

One-on-One Home Ownership Counseling

(45 to 60-minute session)
In a one-on-one meeting, a WRO housing counselor will look at your personal finances, including income, savings, and debts. You will have a chance to ask questions on such topics as housing types, reputable real estate professionals, and your eligibility for grant assistance for a home purchase. A review of your credit report and basic budget counseling are also provided to assist you with creating a comprehensive plan to get on the right track to home ownership.
Please note that you must attend a Home Buying Orientation Workshop before meeting individually with a housing counselor.

Home Buying Educational Program

(4-session workshop series, or 2-session workshop series on Saturdays)
Learn what happens during the home buying process, from finding a home through closing. Hear professionals speak about their services, and find out how to best work with real estate agents, attorneys, home inspectors, and lenders. Certificates of completion are provided. You must enroll and pay for course materials in advance to attend either a workshop series or an accelerated class.
For more information on topics covered, click here.
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WRO has adopted the National Industry Standards for Home Ownership Education and Counseling.
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For more information and eligibility, please contact
Cecilia Alcantara: 914-428-4507, Ext. 338, calcantara@wroinc.org
Cindy Gago: 914-428-4507, Ext. 311, cgago@wroinc.org