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WRO promotes equal, affordable & accessible housing
opportunities for all residents in our region.
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Housing Opportunities

Affordable Homes For Sale

Because housing is so expensive in our area, and people’s salaries are not keeping up with rising housing prices, the demand for affordable homes is great. Affordable housing provides opportunities for many who do not make enough for market rate housing, from young adults to senior citizens. It is developed with the aid of subsidies or tax credits from housing programs run by the federal government, New York State, Westchester County, and local municipalities. They may be constructed by not-for-profit or for-profit developers and must remain affordable for set time periods. (Under the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s definition of “affordable,” people should be paying no more than 30% of their gross incomes on housing, including utilities.)

In addition, 750 new homes, both rental and ownership units, are being developed across Westchester county as a result of the 2009 Housing Settlement between Westchester and HUD. Prospective residents who are financially qualified are selected for these properties through a lottery system, so that everyone has an equal opportunity to be chosen. The homes are open to anyone who qualifies financially with a couple of exceptions. Some properties are designated as housing for those at least 55 years old, and people with disabilities may receive preference for designated accessible units.

For affordable rental and sales programs, you must qualify financially based upon your income. Income limits are keyed into percentages of regional household income, known as area median income (AMI), which is set annually for Westchester County by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Different maximum income limits apply to different housing programs, so you must check the maximum AMI for each housing opportunity in which you have an interest.

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To sign up for news from housing developers about upcoming homeownership and rental opportunities, click here to go to Westchester County’s website.


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New York State maintains a website with rental listings across the state to help people find affordable, accessible homes. Landlords are able to add listings of available units. Start your search here.

For Westchester County listings, click here.

For other rental housing available through nonprofit developers, see this page.


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Interested in purchasing a fair and affordable home?

From time to time, new homes will be offered and affordable homeownership properties will come back on the market and be resold to potential first-time home buyers. The sales prices are capped at appropriate maximums to retain affordability to households with income under certain specified amounts keyed to area median income (AMI) for Westchester.

To purchase one of these units, you must qualify based on the specified income restrictions as stipulated in each property’s deed and the program under which it was developed. WRO’s First-Time Home Buying program can help you qualify to purchase one of these homes.