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WRO promotes equal, affordable & accessible housing
opportunities for all residents in our region.

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Take 10 Minutes to Help Us Fight the Changes!

Westchester Residential Opportunities is working with the National Fair Housing Alliance and other prominent civil rights organizations on their Defend Civil Rights campaign. The campaign is fighting HUD’s recent attack on the disparate impact rule, which is a legal rule that helps organizations like WRO fight against policies that have a discriminatory impact on housing. The dismantling of disparate impact will make it all the more challenging for individuals to protect themselves from discrimination, and for organizations like WRO to help them do so. To learn more, visit www.defendcivilrights.org or click the link below to submit a comment to the rule quickly and easily!

Comments must be received by October 18, 2019, so please do it today!


Want to read HUD’s proposed rulemaking? You can find it here.