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On April 12, 2019, New York State adopted the Lawful Source of Income Non-Discrimination Act to improve housing opportunities throughout New York, particularly for people on government assistance. For the past year, WRO has been committed to maximizing the law’s impact — through education, investigation and legal action.

“Stay Away!”
Westchester housing providers have a long history of shutting their doors on tenants who receive vouchers, utility assistance or any form of government support. This not only endangers an under-housed population, but limits the diversity and potential of Westchester County.

Stay Vigilant
In the year since the Act’s passing, WRO has completed 128 source of income investigations of local landlords, management companies and real estate professionals. You can read about our investigations in English and Spanish. During the same period, WRO received 36 complaint intakes based on source of income discrimination. You can read more about our intakes in English and Spanish.

Stay Informed
In addition to testing and intake activities, WRO also conducted dozens of outreach events for local housing providers and real estate professionals to educate them on the law. Interested in learning more about the law? You can read more in English and Spanish. And be sure to check out our video on YouTube on the source of income law!