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Senior Housing Assistance

Senior Housing Assistance

Westchester Residential Opportunities (WRO) offers information on accessing senior housing to residents of Westchester County who are age sixty (60) and over. WRO’s Senior Housing Program provides counseling services in either English or Spanish.
WRO’s services are comprised of the following program areas:


The Senior Housing Assistance Program

One of the main functions of WRO’s Senior Housing Program is to guide Westchester seniors through the process of finding subsidized rental apartments. Through cooperating programs, WRO can sometimes assist seniors who are experiencing other difficulties related to securing or keeping housing such as rent arrears, moving expense, security deposit shortfalls, or termination of utility services. The Senior Housing Program also assists seniors in identifying and applying for other legal entitlements for which they may be eligible, but might not be claiming, such as the SNAP Program (that is, food stamps), the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), the Veterans Aid and Attendance Program for Home Care, and many other federal, state, and local benefits.
If you would like a copy of our listings of senior subsidized rental housing and independent and assisted living buildings in Westchester County, please click this button to request on by email:
or you may copy and use this direct email address:

Reverse Mortgage (also known as Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or HECM) Counseling Program

WRO’s HUD approved HECM Counselors provide counseling for homeowners age 62 or older who may benefit from a Reverse Mortgage (referred to hereafter as a HECM). A HECM allows homeowners to borrow against the accumulated equity in their homes. For seniors who are struggling to live on a fixed income, pay for home improvements, pay for home care, or to pay property taxes, a HECM loan may help you. A WRO counselor can:
  • Provide objective education on the HECM products currently available and other areas to consider such as the potential borrower’s current housing situation, property maintenance and the possible need for future supportive services
  • Describe the process of obtaining a HECM
  • Determine eligibility for a HECM product
  • Provide a list of HECM lenders
For more information on HECMs, please click on the links below to go to The National Council on Aging’s educational booklet about HECMs titled “Using Your Home to Stay at Home.” Available in both English and Spanish versions.
Link to English version
Link to Spanish version
If you have reviewed the educational booklet and are ready to speak with a HECM Counselor about your options, please contact Maria Jimenez at mjimenez@wroinc.org or by phone at 914-428-4507 ext. 313.